Cost overview for residency.

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We believe in a good and magic world where everyone can afford a stay with us, and like to offer, a pay as you can afford, in the hope that everyone can contribute to keep this studio open.

Some can pay what we have listed here, others can’t. Some can apply for a grant in their home countries, but others cannot. Here are listed

normal resident fee:

  • Visitor
    one night.
  • 10% discount
  • Accommodation
    NKR: 280
  • Studio NKR: 150
  • Sum NKR: 430
  • 1 week
  • 10% discount
  • Accommodation
    NKR: 1764
  • Studio NKR: 945
  • Sum NKR: 2709
  • 2 week
  • 15% discount
  • Accommodation
    NKR: 3430
  • Studio NKR: 1838
  • Sum NKR: 5268
  • 3 week
  • 20% discount
  • Accommodation
    NKR: 4998
  • Studio NKR: 2678
  • Sum NKR: 7676
  • The weeks after that
  • 10% discount
  • Accommodation
    NKR: 1200
  • Studio NKR: 700
  • Sum NKR: 1900

If you apply for residency in Norway then you should know Norway is a high-cost country.

It should not to be forgotten, but this house is built on the ashes of a house of prayer. A private goal, and a reason for the rebuilding of this house, from the ashes, was to open a house for the benefit of everyone’s good. We hope that this can generate enough income.

We want everyone visiting us to have a peaceful time in rural nature. To concentrate on your own work, deadlines, projects or studies.

Visit us in the small village surrounded by forest. The mysteries in the damp morning light and dark winter night. You might see the forest goblins, witches, elves or angels dancing with moose.

You just need a good intension and an open heart.  And of course, you need to pay what you can offer.

Follow this link to get to the application form.

Remember to read F.A.Q. carefully.

A non-refundable confirmation fee is due  upon acceptance, which reserves the residency place.

Banktransfer or paypal.

Remember to refresh this website frequently : Crtl+r