Information you need

There are 4 deadlines every year: February 8, May 8, August 8 and November 8.

Atelier Austmarka i Kongsvinger kommune

The stay can be up to 12 weeks.

Any artist who works with creative projects may apply (painters, video, installation, photo, writers.) Work which generates dust or noise that may be a nuisance to fellow habitants cannot apply. It is necessary that you can prove your artistic abilities/skills in one way or another.

Pleace, use the application form and to tell us why you should deserve a residental period and what your ideas for the stay are. You may apply alone or together with colleagues.

In many ways we voluntarily people  at Ateliere Austmara is a little bit lost.
Now we agree to that our information pages is not in organized form. its not easy for you to find information. From complete chaos we can only grow better. We see the prosses as a kind of art and to let go before everything is perfect.

Apply alone or together